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BLOOMS has been one of the most trusted names in the field of agriculture / Horticulture. BLOOMS has successfully completed several projects and having a large number of satisfied clients around the globe.

We also undertake farm house development and maintenance job, complete planning, layout for development of fruit orchard, kitchen garden, terrace garden, landscaping, irrigation systems, waterfalls, fountains, gazebo etc,on turn key basis. We also provide our consultancy services for cultivation of exotic vegetables in the kitchen garden, terrace garden as well as for commercial use. most of the exotic vegetables can be cultivated in the open field except few that needs controlled climatic conditions.

Protective Precision Farming.

BLOOMS has developed a unique technology called PPF i.e. protective precision farming which is economical, affordable, sustainable and profitable. We design and develop the green houses suiting to your agro-climatic conditions for growing different types of fruits and vegetables in grow bags both organically and inorganically through hydroponic system.

Instead of growing different crops in soil media we help you grow fruit and vegetable crops including exotic vegetable crops in grow bags with sterilized soil less media economically. We also help you grow all these crops organically and by way of natural farming methods by using bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides.

Designing & Development of Green Houses for fruit & vegetable cultivation through PPF Technology

Horticulture consultancy services:-
BLOOMS ensure holistic growth of the Horticulture sector ;
we render quality Horticulture Consultancy Services to our clients. We serve a wide range of businesses in the Horticultural sector. Our services help the customers to grow and meet the exact standards demanded by the marketplace. We have a team of professionals who recognizes that Horticulture technical decisions have a significant impact on farm profitability; however horticulture cannot operate in isolation of wider farm management objectives. Hence, we provide an integrated approach towards Horticultural crop management, providing the cultivators with a comprehensive choice of Services, from crop inputs to environmental counseling & training, Further, Innovative organic fertilizer management systems can cut inorganic fertilizer costs and help the client in keeping pace with the latest environment friendly technology. We helped clients sort various kinds of questions related to Horticulture. We render Horticulture Consultancy Services providing the latest advanced technologies and procedures, at the competitive service charges.


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